Corporate Social Responsibility in Business

Corporate Social Responsibility (also known as ‘CSR’) is a much talked about concept in the corporate world these days; but it can be difficult to know just how to make it happen for your business. How do you determine what is or isn't a good socially responsible practice? What are some of the ways you can seek synergies between social responsibility and your bottom line? What is the social responsibility of a business? Who do you go to for accreditation or assessment; and where do you find worthy causes or stakeholder groups to help out? Goulter & Associates can help you answer these and other relevant questions.


Learn What It Means To Be Socially Responsible As A Business

Our long-term partnerships and productive working relationships with ethical corporate entities, non-governmental organisations, various parts of government and local groups have helped to give us a useful perspective on what Corporate Social Responsibility means in practice; and we are genuine believers in helping to make a better world and a more liveable society through our work. Understand what it means to be socially responsible as a business by contacting one of the leading Auckland PR Companies around. The Goulter & Associates will sit down with you to go over your pressing questions and discuss CSR strategies moving forward that will benefit your business.

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