Government Public Relations

To outsiders, Government can often seem a huge and impenetrable entity. Unless you've got a guide or a friendly person on the inside, it can be difficult to know where to start when attempting to talk to it; let alone how to make the 'magic' doors open which get you access to the best and swiftest resolutions. Fortunately, Goulter & Associates has a particular specialty in doing exactly this.


Goulter & Associates is one of the top Auckland Public Relations firms , we know the right people, and the right avenues to ensure that your voice is heard in the corridors of power. Many of the personnel here at Goulter & Associates first got their start working in politics and political lobbying, and have maintained both their networks of contacts and institutional competencies - giving us a serious additional edge when it comes to getting clients to the front of the line to present their proposals, enquiries and requests.


Don't waste time and fees taking the slow route to bureaucracy. Line-cut the Red Tape by enlisting Goulter & Associates to do what we do best and get you put in touch with the right people in Government with a minimum of hassle and waiting around. Contact us today for more information about Government Public Relations.

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