Crisis Management Strategies

Manage Negative PR and Crisis Management Strategies

When something goes wrong such as unforeseen challenges or public relation problems, you need the best to help you. Goulter & Associates have an impressive history of working with clients in New Zealand to help them take control of negative PR situations as and when they occur. We utilise our diverse array of competencies, experiences and contacts to help you get out ahead of complications before they arise.

We are happy to provide real examples of our previous crisis management strategies upon request and prove to you why we are specialists in managing and controlling the effects of bad PR for businesses and public figures in New Zealand. Our crisis management services are effective because we provide a tailored approach towards your specific problem.



Manage the Fallout of Bad PR

Goulter & Associates work quickly and efficiently to minimise the damage from crises when you're already embroiled in them. If we can't make it go away, we can certainly help you to make the best of your circumstances - whatever they might be. Book a meeting with one of our Auckland PR consultants  so that we can quickly evaluate the damage and create a tailored strategy to help you manage bad PR fallout.


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