Māori And Iwi Support Engagement


Being able to navigate the Māori World is a vital yet often neglected part of successfully maximising your business outcomes here in New Zealand. But beyond the customary powhiri at the airport, many clients have no idea where to start when it comes to engaging with Maoridom; Due to the difficulty that is accustomed with attempting to make your way through such a complex context of blood-ties and heritage – let alone the legal frameworks that might be involved – it's all too easy to just put it in the "too hard" basket.


Tikanga are the unique procedures, customs, values, protocols and conventions that some Māori businesses operate under which sets them apart from other businesses. Goulter & Associates helps clients better understand Tikanga Māori values and best practices so that they can add considerable value to their Māori relationships and networks.


Goulter & Associates can make everything simple for you; drawing upon our extensive long-term engagement with Maoridom and particular Iwi, Hapu and NGOs therein to help you to make the right connections with a minimum of fuss. You will be surprised the ways in which a productive relationship with Maoridom can considerably add value to your business. We provide Māori Iwi support and education on Tikanga Māori values and best practices. Find out more by contacting one of our team members from our Auckland PR company  office.

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