NZ Media And Public Relations Services

One of the unique strengths that Goulter & Associates brings to the table, is the extensive network of media contacts and industry know-how that we have spent many years cultivating. We assist clients with connecting with the right journalists, publishers, and spokespeople to help them put forward the points that they want made.


Goulter & Associates are fully equipped to help you channel the New Zealand media into being your most potent asset - and put forward the points YOU want made. We provide a complete media and public relations service that includes writing up material for distribution to New Zealand Press Release websites and publications.


There are many media avenues that can be explored and utilised as a means to deliver the messages that you want the public to know and discuss about. Whether it be national media, radio, online channels or national television, we can help you. We can even go as far as call upon our substantial prior media experience and front the media on your behalf. Contact our team of media relations consultants today for a meeting about how we can deliver your key messages to the New Zealand media and public.

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