Media Training Service In New Zealand

It has been said that when it comes to being interviewed, appearing on camera, or otherwise fronting the media, that some people are born with it, and most people aren't. We can certainly attest to the importance of talent - and are happy to lend you some of ours through our Media Relations and Crisis Management services, should you wish to find somebody who's got what it takes to appear on your behalf. But we also know firsthand how much vital differencemedia training can make in how well you or your designated spokespeople when dealing directly with the media. We're more than happy to draw upon our direct and extensive personal experience in the spotlight, as well as our previous successful efforts helping other people to do the same, to ensure that you come across as your best self in front of the media and with the right parts of your message being picked up and transmitted.


Dealing with journalists and other media people can be a bit of a risk. Everybody who's appeared on TV or on the radio to represent something has a story about how they've had bad-sounding words or phrases taken out of context, or found that at the end of an editing process, their appearance emphasised completely different and detrimental points to what they wanted to get across. But with the right preparation and practice, as well as careful crafting of your message - another service we offer - it's pretty straightforward to give yourself the best possible chance of success in this environment.


Not everybody's innately talented in front of the camera. But anybody can (and should) learn the skills required to make themselves and their message look good when dealing with the media.


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