Social Media Strategy and Management


Social media represents simultaneously the most exciting and terrifying way to engage with your prospective customers, clients, and audience of the general public. A well-conceptualised and competently run social media campaign can seriously help outcomes, or even totally turn around a company or a candidate's situation. But get it wrong, and all of a sudden you can find tens of thousands of angry people at your door armed with the proverbial torches and pitchforks. Or your efforts - and your brand - can simply sink without a trace into the background noise that nobody pays attention to. And what's the point of that.


One thing that many entities get wrong right at the outset of their social media strategy forays is assuming that they know how both the platforms and the people on them work, as well as how more traditional media and persons in the offline world will view and respond to same. It's much easier to get in the experts at and even before the start of your social media outreach effort, than it is to call us in after a campaign's already gone well awry.


We Can Build a Social Media Strategy That Gets the Right Results

We can help you conceptualise, build and then execute a striking social media campaign; as well as assisting with the development, establishment and maintenance of a social media presence that actually engages with your target audience. We are even able to offer a wraparound PR service comprised of strategic planning, ongoing project management, and resource/media and platform development in service of your stated goals. All while avoiding the bad press and negative publicity that inevitably comes with social media faux-pas. Goulter And Associates is one of Auckland’s leading Online Public Relations firms , contact us today.

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