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Founded by people connector Jevan Goulter, Goulter & Associates was created as a result of growing interest and demand from clients seeking specific outcomes to a broad array of projects.

He is a creative and innovative thinker coming up with ideas and solutions designed for a modern world with a strong intuition and good understanding of what works and what does not when it comes to engaging with clients and addressing their needs.

Working with a broad range of individuals, companies, NGO's, philantropists, iwi, politicians and public interest groups, Jevan creates successful strategies and delivers them in unique ways different from other traditional PR practitioners in New Zealand.

Whether creating headlines, pitching to media, developing and implementing strategies, creating relationships or campaigns and engaging with different groups, Jevan takes a unique and often non traditional approach to every situation, exploring multiple avenues on behalf of his clients.

He has previously worked for Parliament Service running a leaders office and alongside numerous iwi, maori leaders, foundations and philantropists on a number of initiatives in a range of different roles.

Jevan is a political commentator, a Member of PRINZ (Public Relations Institue of New Zealand) and a member of the NZMEBC (New Zealand Middle East Business Council.)